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July 22

The lane is built to help you.

posted by hippybear at 6:46 AM

July 21

Wet White Shirt

posted by adept256 at 9:51 PM


posted by Room 641-A at 5:32 PM

So then Jada said, "Tiffany, what the hell is a Groupon?"

posted by Mchelly at 12:25 PM

A setup; a reveal; a slow Homeric smile.

posted by cortex at 11:28 AM

July 20

The Deep Joy

posted by chavenet at 2:42 PM


posted by OmieWise at 1:40 PM

When they call you a bitch, say thank you.

posted by The Whelk at 11:14 AM

Great Grandpa: "anxious bubblegum grunge" from Seattle

posted by filthy light thief at 8:16 AM

The first rule of Robotwars: Bring your own pen

posted by fearfulsymmetry at 2:56 AM

Earth Unplugged

posted by Paragon at 2:11 AM

July 19


posted by clawsoon at 7:56 PM

Queen of Jamaican Culture

posted by Kattullus at 5:30 PM

HAL in Bell Bottoms

posted by WCityMike at 2:13 PM

When You See a Red Toggle, That's Definitely the Toggle to Tug

posted by chavenet at 12:15 PM

Trainspotter TV

posted by ardgedee at 4:05 AM

Not a balloon

posted by Joe in Australia at 3:25 AM

So you guys aren't terrorists?

posted by XMLicious at 12:19 AM

July 18

Guys Experience Periods for the First Time

posted by hurdy gurdy girl at 11:38 AM

The old goose was coming loose...

posted by mandolin conspiracy at 10:59 AM

"an occasional draft will look like a passing cloud"

posted by Copronymus at 8:30 AM

Looks like an ant, walks like an ant, but ... it's a spider?

posted by filthy light thief at 7:23 AM

July 17

“Just one thing I want to say. Fighting games are something so great.”

posted by Fizz at 7:29 PM

Staying on top of the -ography in a digital age

posted by mandolin conspiracy at 9:55 AM

"Music is the effect created against silence."

posted by JanetLand at 9:39 AM

Oh, just vacuuming my bees, you know...

posted by Wordshore at 8:13 AM

The Shoey

posted by Pyrogenesis at 4:27 AM

July 16

End of an era, start of another: Volvo out of full ICE market in 2019

posted by filthy light thief at 8:58 PM

no clip is just itself

posted by galaxy rise at 4:41 PM

we were flying along, And hit something in the air..

posted by jonmc at 1:58 PM

You wanted to know who the 13 Doctor would be... and here she is!

posted by DirtyOldTown at 9:01 AM

Beyond 440

posted by fearfulsymmetry at 4:43 AM

July 15

Who, Which, and Whatsit

posted by hippybear at 1:25 PM

Make and share your own Mega Man levels!

posted by Pope Guilty at 5:50 AM

Infolk Wars

posted by fearfulsymmetry at 3:27 AM

July 14

Essential breaks and beats and drum'n'bass from Calibre and Mura Masa

posted by filthy light thief at 8:52 PM

The Chip Hall of Fame

posted by GuyZero at 2:08 PM

Earthquake Safety Bed: The Bed That Eats!

posted by kmz at 11:29 AM

Parliamentary fights!

posted by Hollywood Upstairs Medical College at 11:16 AM

Tanks For The Memory

posted by Bee'sWing at 10:41 AM

I mean every word.

posted by ChuraChura at 5:57 AM

“Countless unfair deaths, mostly caused by a horribly haphazard jump.”

posted by Fizz at 4:43 AM

July 13

Winter will not be coming

posted by unliteral at 7:00 PM

nobody knew sustainability could be so complicated

posted by spamandkimchi at 6:47 PM

Maybe Don't Force Your Rapidly Developing AI to Play QWOP?

posted by Navelgazer at 6:07 PM


posted by Johnny Wallflower at 4:25 PM

Navy rescues an elephant at sea

posted by Lanark at 3:16 PM

Llamasoft Presents... NINE INCH NAILS

posted by Artw at 10:18 AM

You want towers made of ants? This is how you get towers made of ants.

posted by mandolin conspiracy at 7:12 AM

Chiffon and on and on.

posted by Room 641-A at 4:00 AM