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March 6

Pass the pepper.

posted by Toddles at 8:21 PM

February 28

"Everything has kinetic potential"

posted by bitteschoen at 6:11 AM

February 27

Gavin Bryars -- Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet

posted by y2karl at 12:54 PM

February 26

Brian Eno -- Discreet Music

posted by y2karl at 11:42 AM

February 24

Non-Metro Congress-people mover under the Capitol

posted by Rash at 4:43 PM

February 23

How It's Made

posted by cosmic.osmo at 9:03 PM

February 22

Dr. Mend-Dol-Sin's Wedding Glitch

posted by metabaroque at 8:37 PM

Bayes on the Brain

posted by Alex404 at 2:42 AM

February 20

Trump Hotel Employees Dish on Catering to Right Wing Elites

posted by kirkaracha at 11:25 AM

February 19

"We aim to alter your conscious state of mind"

posted by bitteschoen at 10:18 AM