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June 19

As long as you hold me more than you hold that guitar.

posted by hippybear at 10:41 PM

"If there is something different about you, you are given this freedom"

posted by The Minotaur at 10:03 AM

Candy and candymaking and "satisfying", ASMR-adjacent videos

posted by kalessin at 8:32 AM

Kate Tempest's latest album: living poetry amid the chaos of 2019

posted by filthy light thief at 7:27 AM

goth spelunking

posted by Fizz at 5:51 AM

June 18

A choir of potatoes sings

posted by MoonOrb at 9:36 PM

this summer, one person will learn what it means to knock on wood

posted by everybody had matching towels at 3:16 PM

From The Queen of Shitty Robots...

posted by dobbs at 11:28 AM

Brace! Brace! Brace!

posted by Harald74 at 8:58 AM

June 17

Amazon's union busting training video

posted by adept256 at 2:27 PM

A spanner in the wercs

posted by Christ, what an asshole at 12:50 PM

June 16

Small Bikes Big Adventures

posted by peeedro at 4:21 PM

June 15

Eugene Lee Yang: I'm Gay

posted by Sokka shot first at 12:10 PM

Bartleby the Scrivener -- Eiffel Tower!

posted by cortex at 8:54 AM

June 14

Batteries, included

posted by unknown knowns at 11:14 PM

A leisurely 40 minute downhill ride

posted by allkindsoftime at 9:39 AM

You Had It Coming, Meatbags

posted by Halloween Jack at 9:37 AM

by design shadowy and vague and open to interpretation

posted by brainwane at 7:59 AM

"My obsession with old Kool-Aid packets takes me to strange places."

posted by filthy light thief at 7:55 AM

P!nk the border collie goes fast

posted by Harald74 at 4:18 AM

June 13

h o r s e l i p s

posted by capricorn at 7:30 PM

King Princess - Cheap Queen

posted by Bee'sWing at 2:13 PM

Hey (nonny nonny) now

posted by merriment at 9:54 AM

Sex Work Is Work

posted by The Whelk at 9:34 AM

There, is that better?

posted by Servo5678 at 6:00 AM

June 12

The Blooming Basalt Towers of North Gorda Rift Axis

posted by mandolin conspiracy at 4:37 PM

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! LISTEN!!

posted by Navelgazer at 1:17 PM

"Food is pipping hot."

posted by ardgedee at 8:11 AM

June 11

Women in Rock & Roll's First Wave, 1950s and early 1960s

posted by filthy light thief at 9:20 PM

Ten Minutes Of Righteous Outrage

posted by hippybear at 7:59 PM

I am the eye that is looking at a spectacle.

posted by Toddles at 7:47 PM

For I Have Tasted The Fruit

posted by The Whelk at 9:05 AM

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

posted by Fizz at 8:15 AM

It's all up in the air

posted by asok at 6:38 AM

June 10


posted by growabrain at 7:32 PM

Fantasy Shipping Forecast!

posted by Hal Mumkin at 5:49 PM

June 9

We Are Live!

posted by hippybear at 8:20 PM

A sausage-fest. (no, really, actual sausage)

posted by schroedinger at 12:23 PM

June 8

"Every breath Dagwood takes fills up my lungs too"

posted by Johnny Wallflower at 3:19 PM

June 7

Alternately, use money to buy things

posted by Going To Maine at 10:33 PM

Making Shitty Art Out of Shitty Situations

posted by Doktor Zed at 4:59 PM

The librarians are freaking out about this

posted by Wordshore at 3:18 AM

Mama Alto: Our strength is in our togetherness

posted by divabat at 2:42 AM

June 6

The most interesting musician who ever lived actually didn’t.

posted by hippybear at 9:00 PM

Young women around the world play Master of Puppets in their bedroom

posted by adept256 at 12:41 PM

They'll stare at you til they get your love. No matter how long it takes

posted by Mchelly at 11:22 AM

It just hits you straight in the belly

posted by Cash4Lead at 10:23 AM

“Our special sauce at this point has been nostalgia...”

posted by Fizz at 10:19 AM

June 5

Celebrating the life and work of Leah Chase, Queen of Creole Cuisine

posted by MonkeyToes at 1:26 PM